Our Services

Serving the military community in Okinawa since 2008.

We offer financing options for SOFA Status Members (Active Duty and Civilians) stationed on Okinawa to help purchase any car or motorcycle from any dealership or Private Sellers on island. We also offer special order service for vehicles from mainland Japan.

  • Contracts can range from 6 months to 24 months. In some cases, up to 36 months.
  • Our commission is a flat rate of 1% per month of the total amount.
  • Down payment may be required in a case by case basis.
  • Payments are received by US Dollars only.
  • Multiple options for automatic payments can be set up through G.I. Bill Pay Service, EZ Pay, or Bank Direct Deposit.
  • We can help customer communicate with Japanese dealerships to discuss vehicle information and pricing.
  • Full coverage or Liability Auto Insurance can be added to the contract.

Required Documents from Buyer

  • Picture ID
  • SOFA Driver’s License
  • Orders (If 1st vehicle on island)
  • 30 Day Waiver stamped by the JSVRO on Camp Foster (If buyer already owns the maximum number of vehicles allowed)
  • Letter of Attorney stamped by the JSVRO on Camp Foster (If purchasing vehicle from dealership)
  • Dealer Invoice ( If purchasing from dealership)

Required Documents from Private Seller

  • Picture ID
  • Military Registration of vehicle (If SOFA Status Member)
  • Japanese Title
  • 120 Day Waiver stamped by the JSVRO on Camp Foster ( If vehicle is owned less than 120 Days)