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About us



We help US active duty and civilians/contractors on Okinawa to purchase the car or bike they looking for, during their stay on the island, from any dealer (American or Japanese) or Active Duty on the island.

Our process is very easy and simple it will take you around 20 minutes to fill in the application and do the title transfer.

Payments are done by US $ only. Customers can make payments through G.I. Bill Pay Services or Bank direct deposit, which is easier to track and you can do it in our office when you apply.


Monthly payments will range from six months up to 24 months. Some special cases will extend to 36 months.

Our commission is a flat rate of 1% per month of the total amount.

Down payments are required case by case basis.


Cars Sold by AK Kogyo through special order.

Starting this year, AK Kogyo has started special service for our customers, who are looking to purchase specific car through auction and finance through us.

We are connected to all major dealers in mainland Japan and auction sites in Japan and will be able to send you our quotation within 24 hours. You can compare our prices and quality of the car with any other dealer.

  • Quotation within 24 hours
  • Once order placed, we will handle shipping, JCI and registration.
  • Within 10 days you will get your car with Y plate.
  • Serving the US military community for the last 9 years
  • Send us your inquiries and we will send you several options with estimation that will fit your budget and dream.

You can call us at 098 894 3027 or email us to info@akkogyo.com Open Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm close Saturday and Sunday.

AK Kogyo Special Orders

If you are thinking of purchasing a car or a bike from a Japanese dealer and need help we can contact the dealer on your behalf and discuss with him the price and any further information you need to know.

-Your ID and Driving License. If you are buying a second car then you need also your spouse ID & Driving License, or 30 days waiver to register additional car in your name. Please make sure the waiver is also stamped by the Vehicle Registration Office at Camp Foster.

-ID & Driving License. If Seller bought the car less than 120 days then he/she needs to bring a waiver for selling the car. Again, waiver has to be stamped by the Vehicle Registration Office at Camp Foster.

In additional to the above documents Seller & Buyer needs to bring a Letter of Attorney to enable us to do the title transfer on their behalf. This LOA can be obtained from the Vehicle Registration at Camp Foster, Legal Office at Kadena Air base or Legal office at Tory Station.

We can also purchase for you the insurance policy for 3, 6 or 12 months policy and add it to the price of the car.